Dear Neurochemistry Friends and Colleagues,

Following the Call for the Programme of the ESN2021 Biennial meeting to be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in my capacity as the Chair of The Programme Committee, I invite you to participate in the meeting and to consider organising a symposium or workshop to be included in the Programme. The details for preparation of an application are given in the attached document.

The Programme Committee, consisting of leading neurochemists in Europe and Russia, aim to generate a highly interesting and attractive program for the meeting, covering broad areas of neurochemistry research – from molecular to behavioural levels and from disease to therapeutics. We welcome suggestions for emerging “hot” topics and new concepts in well-established areas. We rely on the activity of all ESN members and invite our leading scientists to shape the scientific arena of the meeting. We also give a chance to our younger colleagues to join the efforts. The ESN Young Scientists Steering Committee (YSSC), chaired by Dr Eva-Maria Blumrich (currently in Edinburgh), has prepared a special invitation letter encouraging young scientists to be proactive (see attached letter).

We hope that together we will be able to organise a very successful meeting and
I am looking forward to working with all of you.

With very best regards,

Prof Alessandro Prinetti
PC Chair
University of Milan,